How And Why You Need To Eliminate Ghost Assets

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How And Why You Need To Eliminate Ghost Assets

When you want to have full control of your assets you need to make sure that you account for all of them. if you do by chance miss even just a few of your assets then your books, as such, will not be correct. In the same respect, if an asset or two appears in your list, but it cannot be located Your books will not be correct.

Ghost assets are those that are for whatever reason mentioned in an asset register But no one can find them. It could be because they have been lost or stolen. Alternatively, it could be because they are still awaiting repairs. Whatever the case may be, ghost assets need to be eliminated so that all is in order. This is where the use of equipment tracking tags can prove to be very useful. Tags such as these ensure that you always know where all of your assets are. 


Before we delve any further into a potential solution we need to look at why ghost assets exist in the first place.

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